Dropping in on Sheep River Falls - Matt Ford Photography

Dropping in on Sheep River Falls

This is from back in July when I spent the evening at Sheep River Falls near Turner Valley, Alberta.

We managed to get everyone out there by about 6 PM even after a full day of work. Logan, Alasdair, Brayden, Cameron and Tim were all prepped and ready to chuck themselves off this decent sized waterfall.

Because of the fleeting light I had to shoot with minimal natural light. I got my girlfriend to hold my brand new Canon 600 EX-RT flash off to the side while she watched. This thing puts out some serious light and I love how I am able to adjust the power from the camera with the compatible trigger.

The kayakers started off by checking out the falls, trying to figure out the safest yet most exciting line. They started by dropping off the kayaker's left of the falls. This kept them interested for about 45 minutes until they started feeling like they needed to push the limits a bit more.

That's when Logan (black helmet) decided to throw himself over the middle, close to where a log had moved to because of the recent floods. In the first picture of the slideshow you can see just a little bit of the log at the bottom left corner. This was my favorite shot of the day.

What is your favorite shot? Why? Let me know in the comments!