Mountain Meadow in the Sun - Matt Ford Photography

Mountain Meadow in the Sun

I recently had the opportunity to work with a very special couple on their wedding day.  This was a wedding like no other, with a couple like no other.I've never thought of being a full time wedding photographer, but that's mostly because of the stress, tension, schedules and large groups of people that accompany traditional weddings. After spending the day with Jennifer and Cody, as well as there families and close friends, I was left feeling that I could spend every summer photographing weddings like this one.

Imagine a remote setting, far from emails, cell phones and the buzz of everyday life. Imagine only having the people closest to you, the people that really want to be there to enjoy the day, and not the free food and drinks.

Burstall pass is a unique location in that it is relatively easy to access, yet removed from everything. A glacier on one side, towering mountains on the other side. 

But to get there you need to walk for about an hour first. After a  few gentle hills, stunning lakeside vistas, wildflowers and crossing a few small streams, you'll arrive at the gravel flats. From here you can look up at the glacier and the surrounding peaks that tower above the valley floor. 

After a very special ceremony with Barbara from Threshold Ceremonies as the officiant we all enjoyed some lunch.  Barbara is pleasant, easy going and can bring an entire group of people to tears with her words (trust me on this one!). I would absolutely recommend getting in touch with her if you are getting married. After the ceremony everyone enjoyed some much needed lunch, as well as some celebratory champagne. I even managed to get a shot of the cork as it came out of the bottle! See if you can find it in the photo on the right.

After lunch and drinks it was time for a few photos of the newlywed couple. We were able to use the glacier as the background. This was by far the best background I've ever been able to use for portraits.